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How to Get 1000 Organic Instagram Followers in 1 Month

People nowadays use Instagram not only to catch up with friends but also to shop from their favorite brands. This makes it a powerful marketing tool where one can expand the visibility of their business for FREE. However, there’s a tendency for accounts to get stuck with zero followers if the platform is not managed well.

Growing your followers organically involves these easy tips that can get you from zero to 1000 real quick:

1. Generate a good first impression through your profile

Before creating posts, make sure to set up these account essentials first:

  • Use a high-quality profile picture and a catchy username that depicts your brand.

  • Your account’s Instagram bio should optimize your name for searches.

  • Instagram story highlights and feed should also resonate with your brand’s aesthetic.

After setting up your account, you can now create content that will encourage users to check out your profile. Make sure to follow these tips:

  • Post videos that will get the user’s attention.

  • Tailor your posts according to your target audience’s lifestyle.

  • Create content from viral topics.

  • Use the right hashtags for users to easily find your posts.

  • Add polls or questions and tag other users in your Instagram stories to reach more viewers. You can also pin these on your highlights so your audience can get to know you more.

2. Schedule your posts

After creating content, you can now organize and schedule them from one week to one month, depending on the amount you have made. When scheduling, it is important to find out the Instagram viewing habits of your target audience and schedule your posts accordingly. Posting when your audience is active drives traffic to your account, making it easier to gain more followers.

3. Search related accounts within your Niche and interact with their followers

Your niche depends on the type of industry you are in. To come up with the content you should publish, search for related accounts, and determine the topics they share, content with highest number of likes, and how often they post. Aside from that, you can also follow their audience. Doing these tips makes it easier for users to notice your profile and recognize that you have the same interests.

4. Join an engagement group

Instagram engagement groups are group conversations where every member likes and/or comments on other members’ posts in exchange for their posts getting liked and/or commented as well. Joining these groups increases your engagement rate, making it possible for your photos to appear on Instagram’s explore page. This page shows posts curated according to your niche which will open up your account to a wider audience.

5. Consistency is key

Keep repeating these strategies and be consistent with your postings so your audience will always see your presence in their feed and engage with you. In that way, you can simultaneously have an interactive audience and a growing number of followers.

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