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How Video Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Business

Ever since the pandemic broke out, business owners needed to find new creative and innovative ways to engage with their customers, increase their sales, and promote their product or service with as little physical contact as possible. They needed to show customers how their product can make their lives more convenient but sometimes, images and texts do not suffice. This is where video marketing can help.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a tool used to create engagement, promote your business, and increase sales through a straight-forward and interesting video. It is a powerful tool for businesses that allows them to reach potential customers easier.

How can video marketing skyrocket your business?

1. Increase brand awareness

Videos are informational and educational. Making explainer videos can show viewers who you are, what you do, and what purpose you serve. Videos that show how to use your product, how to purchase it, and how it can make an impact in their lives are appreciated more.

2. Increase sales

Promotional and testimonial videos are also useful to increase your conversion rate and customer trust to your business. As customer trust increases, they will recommend your product or service to their friends, family, and internet followers. The amount of visitors to your website would also increase. As they are recommended by someone they know, they are more likely to buy, thus, the conversion rate increases.

3. Attracts better engagement with mobile users

Nowadays, you rarely know anyone who doesn’t use a mobile phone. People use their mobile devices to keep themselves entertained, up to date with current events, and connect with people. Businesses can use this as an advantage to attract visitors to their website and engage with customers to increase their sales. An image with a caption can tell your target audience what your product is about, whereas a video can show them. An effective video creates human connections, thus, increasing social shares and increasing organic traffic.

4. Improves Return on Investment (ROI)

Incorporating video marketing saves you cost and leads to increase in return on investment. As the video generates more engagement and raises awareness to your brand, you can increase sales and get higher gains with minimal cost.

5. Improves Google search ranking

Google loves videos! Having videos with important information about your business can increase your Google search ranking, as Google often shows videos first when you type a keyword. Videos with keywords like “how to-” are most likely to come up first in the results page.

6. Raises customer retention

Effective video marketing raises customer’s confidence in your product and/or service. Tapping into your customers’ emotions creates a connection between them and your business. This leads customers to keep coming back to you for you have earned their trust.

Incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing can help you have an edge in the world of ecommerce. Schedule your free consultation with Purple Sheek Media and your videos can reach many, even the busiest of people and the non-big readers!

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