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Will Digital Marketing Ever Rule the World?

The trending thing online is “Digital Marketing”, in which “Social Media Marketing” (SMM) is on top of the trends. With everything going digital and online, the advertising industry has also turned towards digital media. Social media sites, search engines, informative blogs, news websites, online magazine sites, educational sites or anything online, advertisements are everywhere.

Gadgets are everywhere and we are surrounded with online connected machines every time. Even we talk about something while putting our phone around us, and within the next few moments, we find an advertisement of the same product on our social media applications (yes that’s true...!).

Earlier advertisers used to serve the information of their products through newspapers, radio and television. But the subscribers were limited for all three mediums. Later on, this was converted into magazines, multiple television channels and tens of radio channels. But during past 5 to 10 years, digital media proved itself a game-changer. Most of the people are carrying smartphones and that’s what is required to make them see the advertisements of their interest. Either you’re searching anything on an internet browser on your smartphone or you’re speaking about any product or services, while your phone is in your pocket, you’re about to witness the offers from related advertisers.

The new trends which are coming to rule the world are –

· Artificial Intelligence

· Chatbots

· Voice Search / Speech Recognition

· Machine Learning

· Videos (Podcast, FB / LinkedIn Live Videos or Video Interviews)

· Influencer Marketing

· Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

· Personalization or Products

So to get one step ahead of your competitors, above are few highlighted trends that could rule the world in coming times. You can also add up your points of suggestion that you think can add up to the upcoming trends.

Keep on learning and stay tuned up for more information.

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